About us

Modena Women’s Documentation Centre

(Centro Documentazione Donna di Modena)

is a cultural non-profit women’s association, founded in September 1996, whose mission is to promote equality of rights and opportunity for men and women, to enhance gender differences, to ensure that women’s point of view and women’s participation are affirmed in every sphere of social, political e cultural life.

It promotes research, organizes conferences, exhibitions and debates as well as training courses and seminars for teachers and many other activities on school to disseminate gender difference awareness.

The Association carries out cultural, research and social commitment activities also thanks to an agreement reached with institutions and civil society. The Centre works in strictly network with  public institutions, associations, stakeholders to promote gender mainstreaming in all fields.

Main intervention areas:

  1. Cultural promotion for changing the reference value present in the social system.
  2. Historical research for transmitting accounts on women’s emancipation and liberation.
  3. Research and social commitment for developing positive actions aimed at promoting equal opportunities between women and men.

The Cultural Research Institute stores and disseminates the history of women from post-war period to the present. Since the 1998 the Institute publishes its surveys within its collection, entitled “Storie Differenti”, by now 14 books have been published. Various themes have been covered such as: female partisans in World War II; women in local authorities from 1946 to 1960; female workers, etc.

The Library is today one of the principal collections specialized in women’s culture, gender and feminist studies. The Library has a collection of 9.000 books included in the SBN-National Library System Catalogue, and 160 periodicals, 30 of which currently published.

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